It's our job to make your job easier. Though competitors often claim turnkey manufacturing as a tagline or sales pitch, few can match our level of secondary services and value-added solutions. We design, produce, machine and assemble your products under one roof to cut costs and improve
part consistency.

As a leading supplier to MAJAP (major appliance) and the automotive industry, we have implemented state-of-the-art equipment and secondary services to meet the highest aesthetic and quality demands.

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Discover the potential of tubular hydroforming with this guide by hydroforming pioneers.
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Hydroforming Guide

Intro to Tube Stamping

Learn more about this new technology that cuts costs by creating tubular parts from flat stock.
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Tubular Stamping Guide


See how we worked with our client to optimize production, saving them 40% on 5.3 million parts.
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Handles Guide
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