Posted on: 08-27-2012

Mills Products (Brentwood, TN), a major North American metal fabricator specializing in high-end paint finishes, was recently awarded a contract to powder coat cargo shade covers for a European luxury automotive manufacturer. The Tier Two automotive contract requires Mills Products to paint several thousand parts for use in a 2013 model sports utility vehicle (SUV).

“We’re proud that our paint finishing experience and reputation continue to prove themselves in the automotive market,” said Darrell Adcock, President of Mills Products. “We complete thousands of finishing projects a day, including a substantial number of SUV finishing projects, and have developed a keen understanding of the aesthetic demands of the automotive industry.”

In addition to painting and powder coating, Mills Products provides high-end metal forming services, including hydroforming, tubular stamping and roll forming. Automotive assemblies and sub-assemblies manufactured by Mills Products can currently be found in the majority of sport utility and crossover vehicles built in North America.

“The automotive industry has been one of our major areas of focus for decades,” said Adcock. “We encourage Tier One, Two and Three automotive manufacturers to contact us to learn if our services can help them quickly produce high quality, visually-stunning assemblies.”


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